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Feb 7, 2024
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I'll go straight to the point.

I can handle ALL requests. I'm not a slave, if you want quality you pay it, other than that go asking for any indian config maker or any newbie who may scam you 20$. Min. budget 100$.
I can also handle a checker if required. This will have an extra cost of 200$.
Please when asking for any request, provide also for your total budget. This will help considering if is worth your task or not.

I will be providing for source code on any deal and transparency on configs too. As said, I take care my products and customers by only dealing with trustworthy people, so you better don't waste my time if this wasn't the case.

  • I've been doing configs for already 3 years for myself and to very specific people, and I can guarantee top quality on my deliveries.
  • Payments are done after proof of working, you will NOT have to pay upfront, unless you are new to me. Accepting (@Liars) as MM too.
  • I can work in ANY openbullet version, included OB2. I would always suggest to go for OB2 (.opk) configs rather than SilverBullet or other boosted modifications.
  • I'm including 1 month support to all requests, offering free modifications through that period and fixing if needed and if patch is reasonable.

I won't be working for you just for the fact you ask for it. I do not work with everyone. But feel free to contact me with the details for any job.
Your product won't be published anywhere, offered or resold back. We focus on quality, and that means to keep targets unraped too.
You are not allowed under any circumstance to share or sell my products to anyone. If this is commited, I will be posting the product for free in 27 different cracking communities and contacting the target's support in order to patch the config/ checker.

That's kinda everything. If you have any doubt or you want me to consult for any config feel free to contact me now.
  • TELEGRAM: (Pm on forum)

As said, I'm not looking for mass working for everybody on here. You always would have newbies and skiddos willing to charge for 5/20$. I don't support that business model, it'll end abusing your APIs targets, your proxy bandwith, skipping hits or even getting a patch without support guarantee. To provide for a good config service, is a work of art. If you want quality, you pay for it. Thanks for reading.

Some of my top tier job:
  • [VM] Funduel.com (Bypassing PerimeterX)
  • [VM] Asda.com (Unique on market)
  • [CHECKER] Carrefour.fr (had PIN Breaker)
  • [CHECKER] Auchan.fr (had PIN Breaker)
  • [CHECKER] Mega.nz
  • [CHECKER] Ticketmaster.com (bypassing Incapsula)
  • [CHECKER+VM] Iceland.co.uk (bypassing Akamai, working proxyless)
  • [CHECKER+VM] Payback.de (noSkips)

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